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Article: Jewellery Capsule: 5 Items You Cannot Live Without for Fall 2023

Jewellery Capsule: 5 Items You Cannot Live Without for Fall 2023

Jewellery Capsule: 5 Items You Cannot Live Without for Fall 2023

This season, discover which Emma Pills will be on repeat. 

1. The day to night chain bracelet

 "One-and-done' chain bracelets & cuffs are the ideal piece to add to your wardrobe this season if, like me, you like your jewellery to be simple yet striking," 

Experiment with patterns that go well with your outfit; think about the sleeve type you wear most often and if silver or yellow gold tones will go best with your typical colour scheme. With an updated sleeve, Emma Pills chain bracelets and cuffs are the ideal day-to-night accessory.

2. The Perfect Hoop Earrings 

“A stunning range of hoops in all different sizes and shapes is a must-have for every jewellery collection.”

Designer Emma Pillemer advises that you should have a range of hoop earrings in your jewellery collection. "You may add hoops gradually by beginning with a set of traditional round hoops in different sizes, such as our 'Her hoops' or 'Obsession' hoops. From there, you may add more intriguing silhouettes to your collection.  With any ear stack, these Extra AF Hopps, 10PM hoops with crystal embellishments, or simple enamel huggies look amazing whether worn casually or layered.

3. The perfect pendant 

“Choosing a statement pendant of your choosing will give your outfit personality and flair”

Emma Pillemer asserts that the phrase "the bigger, the better" is accurate when it comes to statement pieces. Statement necklaces, in my opinion, represent bravery, self-assurance, and taking up space, which is why strong, independent women are drawn to them.


4. Silver earrings

"This season marks a significant shift in metal tones,"

In contrast to the long-standing dominance of yellow gold, mixed-metal styles and all-silver or all-white-gold designs are currently seeing a true rebirth. No matter if they are made of plain metal or are adorned with gems like diamonds a wonderful pair of earrings is a simple method to grow your collection.


5.The Ultimate Chain Necklace 

“Your first jewellery choice should be a chain that fits your personal style, ‘mid-weight’, which would be your go to piece”

Once you have determined your personal middle ground, you may seek to style it with a lighter chain and a heavier chain. Typically, the major chain would sit at a length between 16 and 18 inches. What is considered mid-weight in one person's collection could be the heavyweight in another. After that, you may alter the appearance by adding shorter and longer chains with different weight, gauge, and link variations. You may choose a lesser weight for a short choker, for instance, and then add a heavier style to drop below it.