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Bold Modern Hearts embellished with Tie Me Up Bows.
Tie Me Up Collection is filled with, abstract vintage inspired designs from bold enamel filled hearts to fine snake chain bows. This collection encapsulate Emma Pills party girl and passion filled aesthetics this Valentine’s day.

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6 products


Tie Me Up EarringsTie Me Up Earrings
Tie Me Up Earrings Sale price$109.00
NEW Bestseller Red Hot NecklaceRed Hot Necklace
Red Hot Necklace Sale price$129.00
NEW Bestseller Red Hot EarringsRed Hot Earrings
Red Hot Earrings Sale price$119.00
Tie Me Up NecklaceTie Me Up Necklace
Tie Me Up Necklace Sale price$119.00
I HEART YOU RING Sale price$69.00
DOUBLE STROBE RING Sale priceFrom $139.00
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