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Created by Australian socialite, Emma Pillemer, who is known for her fun-loving spirit, edgy fashion sense and altruistic nature, the brand offers tongue in cheek must-haves. Featuring neon, enamel, glitter, bold, beautiful, affordable jewelry and accessories to wear from day to night, from the beach to the club, from the party to the afterparty...Emma Pills is the ONLY pill you need for a good time!


Breast Cancer is a cause that hits close to home for Emma and her sister,Ashley the EMMA PILLS graphic and marketing creator.

Their grandmother passed away from the disease at a young age and her mother, who inherited the BRCA gene, was one of the first women in Australia to receive a prophylactic double mastectomy.  

"I am incredibly fortunate to have learned about this disease early and how it affects the women in my family; 

I grew up knowing that thanks to medical research and innovations my mother is alive today but more research is needed so hopefully my sister and I and other possible BRCA carriers have easier options in the future. I want other young girls to be aware of their risks too - it is important to know your body and feel empowered." said Emma. 

Emma Pills is committed to donating 50% of net proceeds from every sale of the PINK OG EARRINGS  ($49) to The Breast Cancer Research Center.

EMMA PILLS pop bottles are made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. 

They are made from a class 5 plastic and are fully recyclable but … They are not meant for single use but designed to store your jewellery (or anything you want!) like a reusable food storage container.